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"So use the bloody thing."

Click the image above to view the Health Bastards DVD online. The DVD is divided into different sections which contain health tips and simple explanations for most common medical illnesses and problems. If you have any requests for new topics let me know:

Healthy Bastards Song

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Unhealthy Bastard

Come on fellas...

Sheilas beat us hands down when it comes to being healthy as they live much longer and have a lot less disease than us blokes!


Well it isn't rocket science you silly bastard... most of the illnesses that make blokes die early are due to self-induced illness like diabetes and cancer which are caused by being overweight, smoking, eating crap food and not having a regular checkup with a GP.

How can you become a healthy Bastard?

Well either go and ask your local GP or check out Dr Dave's book and movie called 'Healthy Bastards' You could also join the 'International Healthy Bastards Club' for a few extra tips! 

What is The International Healthy Bastards Club?

The International Healthy Bastards Club aims to promote good health messages to all you unhealthy bastards out there.

To help educate all of you we have:

  • Healthy Bastards book
  • Healthy Bastards DVD
  • Healthy Bastards blog (Coming soon)
  • Healthy Bastards monthly newsletter (Coming soon)
Doctor Dave Baldwin

About Dr Dave

Dr Dave Baldwin completed his medical degree at Otago University, Dunedin. He joined the RNZAF in 1989 and became the Base Medical Officer at RNZAF Base Ohakea.

Three years later he left the RNZAF and began developing the Bulls Medical Centre located in Bulls. Since this time the Manawatu region has provided him with not only a wonderful environment to bring up his family... Read more

IHBC World Presidentee

Non PC humour with serious health messages

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